The foundation of Executive Intelligence African Economy Council is based on the implementation of new Monetary and Currency policies, and this purpose shall serve to provide the sufficient economic coverage for Africans. To achieve this, there is a need of a new African economic constitution in the order to make African Monetary and Currency Policies. Until today Africa has no Central Bank, which takes care for the needs of economic development in the continent. All African countries are under economic ties and control by IMF and the World Bank. The agents of these of institutions have set up economic re-colonization, after the passing of the independence bill from the previous colonial powers politically. They have assumed to decide African economic affairs, and this has almost caused Africa to be in poverty and underdeveloped. Within the wealth African countries acquire, and mineral resources African countries posses, it is nearly possible to create economic stability but these resources, are commercially under control by the institutions described herein. They succeeded to do that together with various former colonial powers. Currently after the political colonization, the IMF and the World Bank, is involved in another African economic re-colonization indirectly.