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by Michael Ohan

This book exposes the unheard, the unknown and the incredible filtered from the survivors of human trafficking from Africa to Europe, across the Sahara desert and the Med Sea; it's a story of unimaginable love in the midst of despair. How about a few days in ‘a republic within a republic’ in Morocco called No Man’s Land? And another few days in a notorious hamlet in the middle of nowhere in the Sahara desert called 'seven kilometres from hell'? And in the mist of this hell on earth a man gave his life to save the woman he loved... who lived to tell the story.

  LOST IN TRANSIT by Michael Ohan

This is the story of a boy born and raised by a powerful witchdoctor in a little village in Africa. He lived among witches and wizards,was influenced and nurtured by them in the tradition of his people, yet he could not belong. It’s the story of a boy caught between the trappings of the so-called western civilisation and his own people’s vanishing civilisation. With incredible and spellbinding stories of exploits by his very powerful witchdoctor-father and his cohorts, he explains to you the core aspects of the African culture and identity exemplified in the audacity and potentiality of the mysterious African power called voodoo. He gives you clarity of the African person and dramatises the mysterious powers that a few people in Africa still possess today which is commonly called ‘black power’. This book reveals to you what Africans have lost in transit.


This reference book is the culmination of a three-year-research by this author aimed at preserving some of the indelible and remarkable philosophical statements of Nigerian leaders for future generations of Nigerians, and the world at large. Excerpts: Give us a country to be proud of and you will see how proud we can be – by Anthony Enahoro. If the price of nationhood is regular blood-letting, then let us not be a nation – by Emeka Ojukwu. You delegate authority but you do not delegate responsibility – by Ibrahim Babangida. In the court of public opinion, legal advice is useless – by M.K.O Abiola. A community in which a dog kills a tiger is unsafe to live in - by Obafemi Awolowo. There is nothing wrong in washing dirty linens in public, if the linens belong to the public - Olusegun Obasanjo. Nigeria is like a silk gown. You can never wear it properly, and it will not stay where you want it to stay – by Shehu Shagari.

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